The Ontario Government has announced that many of the GreenON energy incentive programs have been closed, including the GreenON Challenge and GreenON Industries initiatives. To date, it appears that the proposed solar incentives for this summer have also be canceled as well as CME SmartGreen Projects. SaveONEnergy program (which includes energy conservation initiatives such as lighting, HVAC, etc.) still continues as of now.

As per the GreenOn website:

The following programs are closed:


  • GreenON Installations
  • GreenON Solar Rebates
  • GreenON Modern Wood Heating Pilots
  • GreenON Rebates:
    • Air Source Heat Pumps
    • Ground Source Heat Pumps
    • Insulation
    • Windows
    • Solar
    • $100 Smart Thermostat
  • GreenON Social Housing

If you’re already signed up for a rebate, it will be honoured if:

  • You have a signed work agreement with a participating contractor for work that will be completed by August 31, 2018
  • Your rebate application is submitted by September 30, 2018


  • GreenON Small and Medium Businesses
  • Food Manufacturing and Covered Agriculture
  • Solar
  • The GreenON Challenge
  • GreenON Industries