Most of us use LED lighting somewhere in our lives, whether it’s in your home lighting, business lighting, electronics or gadgets, we use LED’s – but what is an LED light and how does it save me money?

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode and uses a different technology to create light than other types of lighting solutions. LED lights require much less wattage than traditional “incandescent” lights, meaning that less electricity and energy is needed to power LED lights.

Therefore a business that operates using a non-LED lighting system requires a vast amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) versus a business that integrates an LED lighting system into their operations.

For example, an office that has 40 non-LED lighting fixtures uses approximately 45,000 kWh’s of energy annually and costs $7,650 per year (fluorescent lighting, running 76 hours per week).

By upgrading to LED fixtures that same business would reduce its energy usage or kWh by approximately 85% to 6320 kWh annually. That’s a saving of 38710 kWh and $6581 per year – WOW!

Now that’s not all, by implementing an LED lighting system into your business operations you will see other cost savings.

  • LED lights last 10x longer than other lights, reducing annual product replacement costs and decreases your annual lighting maintenance.
  • CURRENTLY ON HOLD – Also available to commercial and industrial businesses are Save ON Energy incentives provided by the government. These incentives allow businesses to apply for rebates under the Save ON Energy program, helping to offset the cost of switching your lighting system. The direct impact of your energy savings will decrease your project payback period to under five years in most circumstances.
  • And….when LED lighting systems are in place, your employees are more productive. The brighter, less harsh lighting environment makes employees happier and therefore more productive.

Want to learn more about LED lighting systems and how they can help your business save money? Talk to Arcadian Projects, we have helped hundred’s of businesses reduce their energy usage and save on operational costs. Contact us

Fun Fact

Did you know that integrating LED lighting will also save you on your cooling bill? LED lights produce much less heat, reducing the frequency of the cooling process. Extra Savings!


LED Savings Calculation & Infographic