Erb Transport LED Lighting Upgrade


As experts in temperature-controlled, time-sensitive food transportation spanning across North America, applying cost reducing projects becomes necessary as well as advantageous to Erb’s bottom line. With facilities across Canada, there are many opportunities to implement operational efficiencies such as lighting upgrades; and that is exactly what Erb is doing.

Having already updated several facilities: Montreal, Kitchener, and the Head Office in Baden, Erb Transport is consistently working its way through all of its facilities by applying the previously completed project rebates to the next upcoming project. The most recently completed project was unique in the sense that it was not an existing building but an addition to the Baden location and qualified for the “New Construction Lighting Rebate”. The new addition was built for Erb’s fleet – a truck and trailer service garage.

The original lighting specification for the building called for standard metal halide and fluorescent fixtures which are less efficient than LED. With the help of Arcadian, Erb was able to successfully achieve a rebate on the new construction project to install high efficiency LED lighting with motion sensors and step dimming.

Kevin Shantz, General Facility Manager for all Erb locations, reinforces that not only do the lighting projects help reduce the company’s carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption, but the maintenance on the fixtures is drastically reduced, directly impacting unscheduled replacements and maintenance. He also mentions that the new, brighter lights are better for the employee working environment, though admits that for some employees, the step dimming and motion sensors did take a bit of getting used to.

The lighting was implemented throughout the entire facility addition including the shop, office, parts room, outdoor building and parking areas. The new facility now operates with the most current LED lighting system that exceeds industry standard light levels.

Lighting Upgrade

Project Details

New Construction

Cold Storage Facility

Project Savings

363,682 kW hours

$53,000 annually

Rebate Incentive


Project Completion

February 2015  

“I use Arcadian to complete our lighting projects because they handle the project from start to finish including looking after the rebate application and submittal process. I appreciate their ability to know the market and products and recommend the right product for the application. I trust them to give me the best value for the price point. Arcadian tells you what they are going to do, and then they do it, for the price they quoted. ”

Kevin Shantz, Facility Manager
Erb Transport