Tier One Automotive Manufacturer Micro-Grid System


Monterrey Mexico is a Kia Motors assembly plant that now operates on its privately-owned microgrid. It is an excellent example of how a large manufacturer can manage more sustainably and how working with the right multi-trade contractor is vital to project success.

In 2018, Arcadian Projects, along with Powin Energy and Wartsila, designed a micro-grid system to support seven (7) 18 MW gas engines that supply power to the assembly plant ensuring uninterrupted, consistent power.

Wartsila supplied the gas engines, Powin supplied the battery storage system, and Arcadian constructed the buildings and executed the site installation.

Communication was vital to the development of this project. Each supplier and contractor coordinated their efforts to meet the conditions of the design and installation of this project, such as:

  • The energy storage system was to be housed in as little containers as possible
  • The containers must be designed for climate, addressing high temperatures and humidity, with proper R-value insulation

  • The logistics including building size and weight for transportation and craning requirements

Your Content Goes HereWhen building for the climate conditions in Mexico, the buildings needed not to experience drastic temperature swings. Each battery cassette has a control module and circuit board inside, which was at risk of damage through condensation should the temperature swing. To mitigate this risk, each building has an HVAC system to ensure climate control.

Arcadian built four (4) buildings in their Baden, Ontario shop. They were designed to the max dimensions feasible for transport by truck from Ontario to Monterrey, Mexico. Each building housed 3MW of power, 3MWh of storage, used 2.2 MW SMA inverters and took three months to manufacture.

Once onsite, Arcadian installed the battery stacks and outfitted the buildings while the GC completed the civil and duct banks. Once the GC was complete, AP then hoisted the fully loaded buildings into place, as well as the inverters and transformers for each. Each building weighed about 145,000 lbs once everything was installed in them, and took a 400T crane to place them.

After two months of site integration and extensive collaboration, the Kia Mexico plant now runs 12 MW hours of energy under its own microgrid.


Monterrey, Mexico

Size & Capacity
12 MegaWatt, 12 MegaWatt Hours

Microgrid to feed tier-one auto manufacturer assembly plant

None. Behind the meter application.

Wartsila – Gas Engines, Powin Energy – Battery system

Role of Arcadian Projects:
Modular building design, Engineering, Construction  & Certification, and Site Installation